My Mummy Does Nothing !!

My 3 year old is with his grandmother and as I am going down the stairs I hear them talking.

They seem to be in the middle of a discussion about the family. He is saying: ” My Papa is good but he comes from office so late, he works so hard.” This is followed by a question from Dadi, and what does Mama do? ” Mama doesn’t do anything the whole day, she is just at home, sleeping and watching TV.” This elicits a big laugh from Dadi and the joke and thinking behind it gains strength.

Standing in the background, I hear this and am a little taken aback by his statement as well as my mother in law’s acceptance and reaction to it. Maybe he meant it as a joke, cause he knows it will make her laugh, I try to console myself. This joke is one which has been often repeated in our house, but every time it makes me unsettled. 

Even after a few hours I cannot shake off the feeling of unease. Is this really the perception our kids have of their mothers ? Do all kids think that if you are ‘just at home’, you really do nothing the whole day. Is our work so invisible? As home makers our kids see us at home the whole day taking care of them and the house, and to them it doesn’t seem like any specialised or genuine labor. 

And when the father comes home late in the evening in Indian households a big fuss is made. The mother in law will ask you must be so tired, what will you eat, the wife will tell the kids not to bother the father because he works so hard. And so of course, the notion that gets strengthened in the child’s head is that my father works so hard but my mother doesn’t really do much because she is home the whole day.

India is still a country where majority of the women do not have formal jobs and are homemakers. And truth be told, a vast percentage of the husbands and their families would prefer the women of their home to stay just there, and prioritize themselves and their kids over their careers. If women’s careers are not seen as financially essential for the family, then it is seen as her whim and fancy and not as something she needs and wants to do. 

Most housewives run around the whole day, and mentally and physically exhaust themselves to keep the family happy and comfortable in every way, though this labor is camouflaged and seldom acknowledged.The work of a home maker is so multifaceted and diverse in nature from taking care of the physical, mental, emotional, financial, societal needs of the family members to maintaining and organizing the house, the staff and so on , and even then it is unrecognized and undervalued.

Why not then the families, especially the husbands, show more respect and recognition for all that a wife and mother does, acknowledge and appreciate in front of their parents and children their wives role in furthering the well being of the family.

As a whole there needs to be shift in perspective in the Indian society to respect and value what a woman does to ensure that her family functions in a healthy and positive manner. And no kid should be allowed to hold the notion that their mother does nothing. It is the responsibility of the father and the mother herself, to ingrain this realisation early on that the mothers work in the house is equally important and fruitful and also she had the opportunity to work but she might have given it up for the family. Many of us have left successful jobs and promising career opportunities to be with the children and the family, this is not a sacrifice but a conscious choice. Please do not make us feel bad or lacking in worth because of this choice. 

What Women Want !!

Even Google gives up on this question.. but too much of a fuss has been made on what women want. Every day there are hundreds of jokes on Watsapp, Facebook about women in general and wives, in particular.

What do we really want ? Well the sky and everything under it , truth be told but also that being said, we are happier with much less.

Talking specifically of relationships since these are generally the focus of debate, what do women really want. A loving, caring , trustworthy husband who is demonstrative of his love and lavish in his affections is what most women dream of. If he is handsome, successful and funny then clearly you have hit the jackpot. But really we are content with a husband who loves us, tries to understand us even if he fully never can and gives us his support . We do not have a never ending list of traits and qualifications we desire in our ideal husband, that is just a myth.

So why then did women get this reputation of being impossible to understand and hence, please. I have heard most of my male friends complaining at some point or other, how their wives or

girlfriends give them such a hard time over trivial issues, how they create unnecessary drama, and are just impossible to please. Won’t all men love the power of hearing women’s thoughts just like Mel Gibson in the movie What Women Want.

Did some women ruin everyone else’s reputation or do all of us show these traits .. Is the guys assumption that women can never be understood true or has it just become an urban legend. Well the mystery continues.

How did we get this reputation that men can never really understand women. The hidden contributing factor here, in my opinion, is communication or lack of it . Most women, me included expect men especially our husband’s to understand much much more than what we are saying, to understand the subtle nuances of how we are saying it , and most importantly all that we are not saying. We expect them to read our hand gestures, head tilts, eye rolling and sarcastic smiles.

A simple okay is never really simple. I can say okay in ten different tones , which can have TWENTY different meanings. A simple I am fine can never really mean that you are fine, and do as you wish is really a subtle threat that you dare not. When I say you decide , it generally means you should know what decision I would like you to take.

So are all us at least, partly responsible for creating and maintaining this assumption that women’s minds are a great, black, deep well of mystery and intrigue. 

And another thought strikes me, are we maybe subconsciously fascinated by this intrigue, this challenge of keeping our partners on their toes. Do we find the unpredictability alluring ? Are simple conversations boring ? Well life certainly would be dull, if I gave clear indications as to what I wanted, and they were dutifully carried out by my loving husband. What would I have to complain about and where would he find the opportunity to woo and win me over ? 

Now the question remains do we want to solve these mysteries and become simple and easy to please or do we want to maintain the mystery and intrigue  in the relationship ?

How I Met Your Father (to tell or not to tell !!)

Some stories leave you wondering whether they should be told or not… especially to the kids, or at least told in a PG censored version. Still, I would want them to know how it all really started. Seems I have been watching too much of the Star World series ‘How I Met Your Mother’.

So, I met my husband, exactly 11 years back. The how, when, where are not exactly unusual, but out of character and unusual for me, or should I say us. The ‘where’ is fairly common at my best friend’s birthday party. ‘How’ that party went is amazing, and is still a surreal part for me. I was introduced to this guy by my best friend, who she was in college with. We were the early ones there and kept standing at the bar and chatting. Random bantering with a slightly flirtatious overtone was keeping us busy. We were lost to the world and would end back on our spot after briefly and half-heartedly talking to other people in the party.

It was crazy, addictive and something I hadn’t felt in a really long time, if ever. The hours stretched on, conversations became deeper but the intrigue remained. We shifted outside to talk without the loud music, without thinking or realizing our hands became entwined and talk became whispers leaning into each other.  We were lost to the world and oblivious to the glances and stares of the people around us.

Even after 11 years, the feelings, the sensations, and thoughts remain etched on my mind. I close my eyes, and I can still clearly see us leaning into each other, whispering, holding hands and everyone else a blurry background. I had been in a relationship earlier but never felt this deep, intense attraction.

The party ended and with much reluctance and many promises to call and keep in touch. A goodnight message on the way back made my heart skip and promised many more things.

Over time, messages became calls which became meetings, and the attraction deepened into something more deeper and long-lasting, which we then made into a lifelong commitment. The initial years filled with excitement, can’t wait to see each other moments were replaced by deep love, commitment, and trust.

We dated for two years and got married nine years back, and have been blessed with a fairly smooth journey. We have had wonderful times, shared fabulous experiences, had two beautiful kids, celebrated many moments big and small but the memory of that night still brings a smile on my face and a tingle in my heart. The memory of that first meeting still holds a very special and beautiful place in my heart. 

Though I am still in two minds if I want to tell my daughter that I met her father at a party, drinking and dancing the night away 😉

Would love to hear others’ stories and experiences 🙂

How To Keep Your Skin Amazing Even in the Monsoon

I love monsoons, I love rain and the smell of wet earth and hot tea,the fried stuff that we hog on in the rains.

But one thing I don’t like is how my skin looks and feels in the monsoon, dull and breaking out into acne. After doing a lot of research, I have found a lot of easy, tried and tested methods which can keep our skin glowing and nourished in the monsoon.

Cleansing, toning and moisturizing : stick to your basic routine, wash your face at least 2-3 times with a mild cleanser. Follow it with a non alcoholic toner. Do not skip on moisturizer even if the weather seems hot and sticky. Shift to a water or gel based moisturizer if you have oily or combination skin.

Do not forget sunscreen even if it is cloudy : even if it is cloudy, the sun still emits UV rays, that cause wrinkles and pigmentation. So never skip on a high SPF sunscreen.

Exfoliation : is even more important in the monsoon to prevent buildup from causing acne or rashes and remove dead skin cells.

Try using hot or warm water instead of cold water : try using hot water while washing your face, this helps in dissolving the oil and grime from your face.

Hydration : the humid weather causes excess sweating, which leads to lack of moisture and thus, dead and lifeless skin. Drink at least 8 glasses of water to keep skin hydrated and supple.

Wash your hair more regularly : shampoo and condition more regularly as excessive humidity makes it easy for dirt and grime to stick onto the scalp.

Waterproof makeup : use waterproof , gel based lighter makeup to prevent smudges and blotchiness, and also clogging of pores.

Regular waxing and mani pedi sessions : rains and humidity increase chances of infections especially around nails and overgrown hair. Waxing and mani pedi help remove dead skin and dirt, and keep skin smooth and healthy.

These easy to use methods are very effective, and help in maintaining healthy, glowing skin and hair. HAPPY MONSOONS !!

Good Wives Don’t Cheat or Do They ?!?

Good Wives Don't Cheat Or Do They?

I know its an old movie. I know extramarital affair is an old subject. I know they are fairly common. I know it’s been discussed to death. Yet the topic attracts intrigue and a lot of judgments.

So when the movie Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna released in 2006, I was a 20-year-old naive college-going girl. The movie struck a chord with me and I really felt it was an honest and realistic depiction of how life and marriages can be, even if the presentation was filmy and a little overdone.

At that time, I saw the movie with my parents who wrote it off as filmy and rubbish. Their main argument was that if a wife, that is Rani Mukerji has such an amazing and devoted husband, she would never, ever cheat on him or fall for anyone else. And similarly, what did Shah Rukh really have to complain about, he had a beautiful, successful, loving wife. My father said no, this is not how life is, good married women, don’t fall in love with random men. And followed it up with the universal parental statement, you are still a kid, what do you know.

Last weekend I happened to see the movie again. Almost fifteen years from that time, ten of which I have been married, I still felt that yes, it can happen to anyone. You can fall in love with someone outside your marriage, whether you follow up on it or nor is a completely different matter. Wives who have great, loving husbands may not necessarily be in love with their husbands. They might care for and be devoted to their husbands but in love with them, maybe not. And I am not even talking about the partners who feel that over time they have fallen out of love with their spouses.

And there are phases in every marriage which are not so great, or boring or tough or frustrating, it cannot always be smooth, fun, happy and satisfying. Boredom rots most marriages in my opinion. It is during these phases that a person is most vulnerable. This is true for both husbands and wives, it can happen very genuinely that you develop feelings for a new person. The excitement, the attention, the newness can be flattering for anyone, but whether they act on it depends on so many other things.

This brings me to a very important and insightful point shown in the movie. When Rani Mukerji and Shah Rukh confess to their affair, the first question that the wife (Preity Zinta ) asks the husband is that are you in love with her? And the first question that the husband ( Abhishek Bachchan ) asks his wife is that did you sleep with him?

This is the crucial and universal difference between men and women. Women attach more importance to emotional infidelity, while men define cheating primarily as physical infidelity. Wives might find it easier to forgive physical indiscretions but might not be able to forgive if the husband has genuine feelings for someone else. While for the husband, a wife physically cheating on him can be the end-all of the relationship.

Our views on these and many more things in life and relationships change as we grow older and maybe, wiser. Would love to hear others’ views on fidelity, infidelity and the likes.

The New Superfood You Should Know About

The new amazing superfood taking the world by storm is MORINGA, also referred to as the Miracle Moringa.

The multi-purpose Moringa tree is mostly found on the foothills of the Himalayas but also grows in other parts of Asia, Africa, and South America.

This green herb is commonly used in South Indian meals and has been used for centuries for its medicinal properties (it is anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory) and health benefits.

Moringa has a green, earthy taste similar to spinach and matcha.

Moringa powder can be taken dry by swallowing with a glass of water. It can also be mixed in food and drinks like smoothies or shakes or sprinkled over salads, yogurt, hummus, etc. Or you can just take a moringa capsule.

The top benefits of Moringa are :

Gives you youthful and nourished skin

Moringa has the highest antioxidant levels of any food, six times that of goji berries and matcha tea. These are essential for protecting, repairing and preventing cell damage and minimizing skin aging. 

Dry moringa powder is also used for curing skin infections and sores.

Gives you shinier, thicker hair

Moringa contains all the essential amino acids that help in the formation of keratin protein needed for longer, healthier hair.

Reduces tiredness and gives instant energy

Moringa powder contains high doses of mineral sand vitamins like Vitamin A, iron and magnesium. It is ideal for treating anemia and fighting tiredness and fatigue.A green smoothie with moringa in the morning can keep you energized all day.

Boosts immunity

One super benefit of moringa is that it has super immunity boosting powers because of the very high contents of iron and vitamin A.

Preventing and treating cancer

Moringa extract has been researched extensively and seen to have properties that can prevent cancer. It contains Niazimicin, which suppresses the development of cancer cells.

Treating stomach issues

Moringa extract can help in dealing with stomach problems like constipation, gastric issues, and ulcers. It’s high Vitamin B and fiber content helps in digestion.

Helps in treating diabetes

Moringa helps to reduce the amount of glucose in the blood, as well as sugar and protein in the blood and can be used to keep diabetes in check.

Fights insomnia

Moringa contains amino acid Tryptophan, that is essential for the production of the neurotransmitter Serotonin and the sleep cycle regulating hormone Melatonin, and can work wonders for giving you a good nights sleep.

Makes you feel happier

It stimulates the feel-good hormones in the brain and acts as a mood enhancer, and also in the treatment of depression and anxiety disorders.

Do try moringa in any form and share your experiences. I have just started taking it can’t wait for my skin and hair to look younger and healthier and feel better overall.

The Wonder Ingredient

As mothers we are always concerned that our children get the best possible , most nutritious diet . We all include fruits, vegetables, mix of cereals and pulses in their diets as much as we can , but one all round wondrous addition in our kids diet can be RAGI.

Finger millet or Ragi is one of the healthiest grains available and has various health benefits for kids as well as adults. Some of these are :

  • Very good source of calcium and thus, great for bones. Ragi is a very good non dairy source of calcium which is essential for the bones of a growing baby. Calcium is also important for the growth and maintenance of teeth.
  • It fights anemia.Ragi has high levels of natural iron, which work wonders for increasing low levels of haemoglobin.Helps in absorption of iron
  • Ragi has high levels of Vitamin C which can be further enhanced by sprouting. And Vitamin C is essential for absorption of iron.Helps in muscle formation
  • Ragi is high in protein , which helps in muscle formation and growth of the baby.
  • Gets digested quickly and prevents constipationRagi has a low fat content and a high fiber content , and gets digested quickly in the stomach. It promotes healthy bowel movement and thus prevents constipation.
  • Easy for mothers to useRagi is a versatile ingredient and can be used in porridge, khichdi, parathas, laddoos, halwa etc. Also it is easy to cook and very affordable.

My favorite ragi recipe:


  • Ragi flour                1/2 cup
  • Wheat flour             1/2  cup
  • Sugar or jaggery     1/2 cup
  • Butter                       100 gms
  • Baking Soda            1/2 tsp
  • Milk                           2 tbsp

Sift the ragi flour, wheat flour and baking powder together.

Add the butter to this mixture and mix with your hand, till the texture becomes crumbly.

Add sugar or jaggery and mix well.

Add 2tbsp milk to make the dough soft, not too much that it becomes runny.

Keep this dough in the refrigerator for half an hour. After taking it out make small rounds from this dough and then flatten them out.

Pre heat the oven at 180 degrees , and then bake for 15-20 minutes approximately.

Cool them and store them in an airtight container.

Share your favorite recipes , and try this easy and nutritious recipe for your kids.

The Magic of Shopping

I love shopping !! There I said it .. something all women love but few admit. I love shopping for clothes, shoes , make up , home stuff , kitchen ware well everything. Even a visit to the chemist holds various opportunities to shop for me. After all shopping makes me happy, it makes me glow , it makes the world a happier, nicer place.

When I saw the movie Confessions of a Shopaholic , I finally felt that yes there are others like me . I would not say I am an addict but yes , I have a deep love for shopping. And when it comes to the sale season, my joy knows no bounds because as I say you are really saving so much money, not spending it right ?

I go to the mall , the second time this week rationalizing that the sales are on and I’ll just take a look  and only buy a thing or two if it is really amazing and cheap .

Two hours later , my arms full of shopping bags I seem to have forgotten my resolve. I have bought two dresses , jeans, a shirt , make up and espadrilles, all of which needless to say I could have done without. I have been tempted by the danger word that tempts all women SALE . I see a sale in my favorite stores and my sense of judgement and thriftiness desert me. I am drawn to the signs of forty percent , fifty percent off without really assessing what I need, what I want and what I already possess. So tempted are we by the discounts that we forget all the money we are still spending.

Leaving the mall I am disappointed and upset at my rashness but try to convince myself by how much I have saved and I promise myself I will not even enter another shop for the next six months. I am also worried about how much nagging and lectures dear husband will give me.

And just then I see a pair of sunglasses I had been eyeing since a few months at flat twenty percent discount. Recharged and marveling at my good luck at having spotted them , I rush to the store and quickly swipe my card.

Now to rush back home before the husband is back .. these things need to be hidden properly of course !!

The Smart Mom’s Guide To Reducing Plastic Use

Plastic is all around us , in our cars, phones, shampoo and soap packaging, food and water packaging and cannot be totally replaced. Out of the total plastic used in a year only a very small 5 percent of it can be recycled, the rest of it ends up in oceans, rivers and beaches. All of us know the consequences of these, so here are some very simple , easy ways of cutting down on plastic use which I have been using with my family and have proved very easy to implement:

Say No to Plastic Straws

In the USA alone 500 million straws are used each day. Stop thinking that your one straw will not make a difference. If your kids insist on using a straw but the reusable plastic ones, or better still the glass straws or the stainless steel ones that I use which are easily available on Amazon.

Do Not Buy Bottled Water

Remember to carry a bottle of water from home. Let your child buy a reusable bottle of his or her favorite character so that they are happy carryig it everywhere with them.

Say Yes to Cone

At the ice cream shop have you favorite flavor in a cone instead of using a plastic cup and spoon.

Use reusable shopping bags

It takes approximately 10 years for a plastic bag to decompose. Remember to carry a cloth bag from home when you go shopping or just put a few bags in the car .

Say No to Cling Film

cling film for packing tiffins for school or office can be easily replaced by paper wraps easily available on Amazon, or better still I have started using a muslin cloth to wrap parathas and sandwiches every day in the kids lunch boxes.

Make Birthdays more Eco Friendly

Since my kids have started understanding the harm plastic is causing the environment they have become really conscious and this year agreed to have no balloons or their birthday. All the decorations were made of paper, jute and craft materials. Also all the return presents were wrapped in old newspapers.

Ditch Plastic Cutlery

All of us love ordering food from outside and that comes in loads of plastic packaging. But the least we can do is say no to the plastic forks, spoons, chopsticks etc that comes with ( Zomato has the option of no cutlery, choose it ).

Buy Boxes Not Bottles

When buying soaps, shampoos etc buy boxes since they are made of cardboard which can be recycled rather than plastic bottles.

Buy in Bulk

Buy things like pulses, rice, pasta and other staples in bulk to save money and cut down on packaging waste.

As a family once the kids understand how harmful plastic is , I have seen how flexible and keen they are on shifting to eco friendly options. In fact, a few days back at the toy sho

p Amaira asked if they have wooden toy options. And they are very happy carrying their bottles and steel straws everywhere .

Hope you try some of the ideas , and please share your own ideas

Mom Burnout

As I listen to my daughter’s account of her day at school and how 2 older girls scolded her I am scared and anxious. Two hours after the story Amaira is busy playing and I am recounting the incident in my head and wondering how she could have reacted better , how I should train her better to handle situations. Finally I shake myself up and tell myself that it’s too trivial to really get bothered.

Being the mother of two young kids is like constantly being on edge .. each day is filled with new and different kinds of tensions, stress and apprehensions. Yes each day comes with it’s share of fun and laughter but also the constant worrying.

Why did this happen? Why did she say this ? Why did he act like this ? Did something happen in school?Is she being bullied? Is she developing low self confidence ? There are many many questions that you ask yourself constantly. Am I paying too much attention ? Am I focusing too less ? Am I putting too much pressure ? Am I not pushing hard enough ?

I feel like I am caught in a constant whirlwind of thoughts and emotions . In today’s time raising kids is no longer limited to taking care of their health, nutrition, academics and general well being , there are a hundred other challenges that come with being a mother. Each child should be good in studies as well as excel in a few other fields like drama, sports, dancing etc. This should be achieved by pushing the child in the said directions but not too hard. As parents we should boost the child’s confidence by giving him attention and praise but not too much that he becomes spoilt. We should make them do classes in the evening but not so much that they come under pressure.

But who is thinking about the pressure on mothers to follow these myriad rules and standards. Parenting has become so challenging that the poor mother is left at a loss wondering what to do, how much to do . At the end of the day , there is still so much to do that it’s overwhelming , frustrating and exhausting.

But I don’t want to be this person hassled and irritable throughout the day , feeling no joy just getting through the day in a haze.

I want to raise my children in a positive, stress free , happy environment where it doesn’t matter if they are topping the class , or winning in competitions, or learning ten new things every month. They are just 5 and 3 years old, I want them to play and dance and sing as and when they wish, and me to play and dance and sing with them.