What Women Want !!

Even Google gives up on this question.. but too much of a fuss has been made on what women want. Every day there are hundreds of jokes on Watsapp, Facebook about women in general and wives, in particular.

What do we really want ? Well the sky and everything under it , truth be told but also that being said, we are happier with much less.

Talking specifically of relationships since these are generally the focus of debate, what do women really want. A loving, caring , trustworthy husband who is demonstrative of his love and lavish in his affections is what most women dream of. If he is handsome, successful and funny then clearly you have hit the jackpot. But really we are content with a husband who loves us, tries to understand us even if he fully never can and gives us his support . We do not have a never ending list of traits and qualifications we desire in our ideal husband, that is just a myth.

So why then did women get this reputation of being impossible to understand and hence, please. I have heard most of my male friends complaining at some point or other, how their wives or

girlfriends give them such a hard time over trivial issues, how they create unnecessary drama, and are just impossible to please. Won’t all men love the power of hearing women’s thoughts just like Mel Gibson in the movie What Women Want.

Did some women ruin everyone else’s reputation or do all of us show these traits .. Is the guys assumption that women can never be understood true or has it just become an urban legend. Well the mystery continues.

How did we get this reputation that men can never really understand women. The hidden contributing factor here, in my opinion, is communication or lack of it . Most women, me included expect men especially our husband’s to understand much much more than what we are saying, to understand the subtle nuances of how we are saying it , and most importantly all that we are not saying. We expect them to read our hand gestures, head tilts, eye rolling and sarcastic smiles.

A simple okay is never really simple. I can say okay in ten different tones , which can have TWENTY different meanings. A simple I am fine can never really mean that you are fine, and do as you wish is really a subtle threat that you dare not. When I say you decide , it generally means you should know what decision I would like you to take.

So are all us at least, partly responsible for creating and maintaining this assumption that women’s minds are a great, black, deep well of mystery and intrigue. 

And another thought strikes me, are we maybe subconsciously fascinated by this intrigue, this challenge of keeping our partners on their toes. Do we find the unpredictability alluring ? Are simple conversations boring ? Well life certainly would be dull, if I gave clear indications as to what I wanted, and they were dutifully carried out by my loving husband. What would I have to complain about and where would he find the opportunity to woo and win me over ? 

Now the question remains do we want to solve these mysteries and become simple and easy to please or do we want to maintain the mystery and intrigue  in the relationship ?

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