How I Met Your Father (to tell or not to tell !!)

Some stories leave you wondering whether they should be told or not… especially to the kids, or at least told in a PG censored version. Still, I would want them to know how it all really started. Seems I have been watching too much of the Star World series ‘How I Met Your Mother’.

So, I met my husband, exactly 11 years back. The how, when, where are not exactly unusual, but out of character and unusual for me, or should I say us. The ‘where’ is fairly common at my best friend’s birthday party. ‘How’ that party went is amazing, and is still a surreal part for me. I was introduced to this guy by my best friend, who she was in college with. We were the early ones there and kept standing at the bar and chatting. Random bantering with a slightly flirtatious overtone was keeping us busy. We were lost to the world and would end back on our spot after briefly and half-heartedly talking to other people in the party.

It was crazy, addictive and something I hadn’t felt in a really long time, if ever. The hours stretched on, conversations became deeper but the intrigue remained. We shifted outside to talk without the loud music, without thinking or realizing our hands became entwined and talk became whispers leaning into each other.  We were lost to the world and oblivious to the glances and stares of the people around us.

Even after 11 years, the feelings, the sensations, and thoughts remain etched on my mind. I close my eyes, and I can still clearly see us leaning into each other, whispering, holding hands and everyone else a blurry background. I had been in a relationship earlier but never felt this deep, intense attraction.

The party ended and with much reluctance and many promises to call and keep in touch. A goodnight message on the way back made my heart skip and promised many more things.

Over time, messages became calls which became meetings, and the attraction deepened into something more deeper and long-lasting, which we then made into a lifelong commitment. The initial years filled with excitement, can’t wait to see each other moments were replaced by deep love, commitment, and trust.

We dated for two years and got married nine years back, and have been blessed with a fairly smooth journey. We have had wonderful times, shared fabulous experiences, had two beautiful kids, celebrated many moments big and small but the memory of that night still brings a smile on my face and a tingle in my heart. The memory of that first meeting still holds a very special and beautiful place in my heart. 

Though I am still in two minds if I want to tell my daughter that I met her father at a party, drinking and dancing the night away 😉

Would love to hear others’ stories and experiences 🙂

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