The Smart Mom’s Guide To Reducing Plastic Use

Plastic is all around us , in our cars, phones, shampoo and soap packaging, food and water packaging and cannot be totally replaced. Out of the total plastic used in a year only a very small 5 percent of it can be recycled, the rest of it ends up in oceans, rivers and beaches. All of us know the consequences of these, so here are some very simple , easy ways of cutting down on plastic use which I have been using with my family and have proved very easy to implement:

Say No to Plastic Straws

In the USA alone 500 million straws are used each day. Stop thinking that your one straw will not make a difference. If your kids insist on using a straw but the reusable plastic ones, or better still the glass straws or the stainless steel ones that I use which are easily available on Amazon.

Do Not Buy Bottled Water

Remember to carry a bottle of water from home. Let your child buy a reusable bottle of his or her favorite character so that they are happy carryig it everywhere with them.

Say Yes to Cone

At the ice cream shop have you favorite flavor in a cone instead of using a plastic cup and spoon.

Use reusable shopping bags

It takes approximately 10 years for a plastic bag to decompose. Remember to carry a cloth bag from home when you go shopping or just put a few bags in the car .

Say No to Cling Film

cling film for packing tiffins for school or office can be easily replaced by paper wraps easily available on Amazon, or better still I have started using a muslin cloth to wrap parathas and sandwiches every day in the kids lunch boxes.

Make Birthdays more Eco Friendly

Since my kids have started understanding the harm plastic is causing the environment they have become really conscious and this year agreed to have no balloons or their birthday. All the decorations were made of paper, jute and craft materials. Also all the return presents were wrapped in old newspapers.

Ditch Plastic Cutlery

All of us love ordering food from outside and that comes in loads of plastic packaging. But the least we can do is say no to the plastic forks, spoons, chopsticks etc that comes with ( Zomato has the option of no cutlery, choose it ).

Buy Boxes Not Bottles

When buying soaps, shampoos etc buy boxes since they are made of cardboard which can be recycled rather than plastic bottles.

Buy in Bulk

Buy things like pulses, rice, pasta and other staples in bulk to save money and cut down on packaging waste.

As a family once the kids understand how harmful plastic is , I have seen how flexible and keen they are on shifting to eco friendly options. In fact, a few days back at the toy sho

p Amaira asked if they have wooden toy options. And they are very happy carrying their bottles and steel straws everywhere .

Hope you try some of the ideas , and please share your own ideas

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