The Magic of Shopping

I love shopping !! There I said it .. something all women love but few admit. I love shopping for clothes, shoes , make up , home stuff , kitchen ware well everything. Even a visit to the chemist holds various opportunities to shop for me. After all shopping makes me happy, it makes me glow , it makes the world a happier, nicer place.

When I saw the movie Confessions of a Shopaholic , I finally felt that yes there are others like me . I would not say I am an addict but yes , I have a deep love for shopping. And when it comes to the sale season, my joy knows no bounds because as I say you are really saving so much money, not spending it right ?

I go to the mall , the second time this week rationalizing that the sales are on and I’ll just take a look  and only buy a thing or two if it is really amazing and cheap .

Two hours later , my arms full of shopping bags I seem to have forgotten my resolve. I have bought two dresses , jeans, a shirt , make up and espadrilles, all of which needless to say I could have done without. I have been tempted by the danger word that tempts all women SALE . I see a sale in my favorite stores and my sense of judgement and thriftiness desert me. I am drawn to the signs of forty percent , fifty percent off without really assessing what I need, what I want and what I already possess. So tempted are we by the discounts that we forget all the money we are still spending.

Leaving the mall I am disappointed and upset at my rashness but try to convince myself by how much I have saved and I promise myself I will not even enter another shop for the next six months. I am also worried about how much nagging and lectures dear husband will give me.

And just then I see a pair of sunglasses I had been eyeing since a few months at flat twenty percent discount. Recharged and marveling at my good luck at having spotted them , I rush to the store and quickly swipe my card.

Now to rush back home before the husband is back .. these things need to be hidden properly of course !!

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