Mom Burnout

As I listen to my daughter’s account of her day at school and how 2 older girls scolded her I am scared and anxious. Two hours after the story Amaira is busy playing and I am recounting the incident in my head and wondering how she could have reacted better , how I should train her better to handle situations. Finally I shake myself up and tell myself that it’s too trivial to really get bothered.

Being the mother of two young kids is like constantly being on edge .. each day is filled with new and different kinds of tensions, stress and apprehensions. Yes each day comes with it’s share of fun and laughter but also the constant worrying.

Why did this happen? Why did she say this ? Why did he act like this ? Did something happen in school?Is she being bullied? Is she developing low self confidence ? There are many many questions that you ask yourself constantly. Am I paying too much attention ? Am I focusing too less ? Am I putting too much pressure ? Am I not pushing hard enough ?

I feel like I am caught in a constant whirlwind of thoughts and emotions . In today’s time raising kids is no longer limited to taking care of their health, nutrition, academics and general well being , there are a hundred other challenges that come with being a mother. Each child should be good in studies as well as excel in a few other fields like drama, sports, dancing etc. This should be achieved by pushing the child in the said directions but not too hard. As parents we should boost the child’s confidence by giving him attention and praise but not too much that he becomes spoilt. We should make them do classes in the evening but not so much that they come under pressure.

But who is thinking about the pressure on mothers to follow these myriad rules and standards. Parenting has become so challenging that the poor mother is left at a loss wondering what to do, how much to do . At the end of the day , there is still so much to do that it’s overwhelming , frustrating and exhausting.

But I don’t want to be this person hassled and irritable throughout the day , feeling no joy just getting through the day in a haze.

I want to raise my children in a positive, stress free , happy environment where it doesn’t matter if they are topping the class , or winning in competitions, or learning ten new things every month. They are just 5 and 3 years old, I want them to play and dance and sing as and when they wish, and me to play and dance and sing with them.

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