Why Is Father’s Day Neglected ?

Ask most people what are their plans for Father’s Day, and you are likely to get blank looks. Most people might not even remember when it is (June 16th) and will probably make last-minute plans at best.

Mother’s Day, on the other hand, is filled with declarations of love, flowers, gifts, lunches, and dinners. Why the differentiation? Do we really appreciate and cherish our fathers less or is it that we feel we don’t need to give our fathers special attention and gifts?

I believe it is a combination of both these factors. We as a society have always talked about mothers’ sacrifices, mothers’ devotion, and unconditional love. And I wholeheartedly see these in all the mothers around me and cherish them for it.

But are we forgetting and diminishing the role of our fathers? How many of us have actually acknowledged and appreciated all that our dads do for us? Fathers are the actual hidden heroes in the family who keep it going. They take on all the stress and responsibilities of running the family without a single word of complaint. It is their broad shoulders we still return to every time there is a problem. Faced by any difficult situation my first call is still to my father whose voice and calmness makes it somehow seem manageable.

And now in recent times, men are equal partners in managing the house and the children. I remember my dad as always being an equal participant in our growing up years. He was the one we went to with all our demands and never returned disappointed. And now my husband is an equal partner in our endless sleepless nights, feedings and playtime. It is my husband who keeps the ship running when I am too tired or just need a break.

He has been my anchor and support system in handling the daunting challenge of managing two very young and energetic kids.

As mothers, we should encourage our children to express their love and affection for their fathers wholeheartedly and also acknowledge all that they do.

Also, it is a misconception that men don’t like displays of love. On Father’s Day let’s give them flowers, cards, and gifts and show them how much they mean to us. Let’s make cards and gifts with our children and take our own dads for lunch and a movie. At the end of the day, all of us in our hearts remain our daddys’ little girls.

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