Say No To Coffee

According to  a 2014  study in the journal Pediatrics, approximately 73 percent of the children consume coffee on a daily basis which is a truly shocking figure. Most of this comes from soda.

Even more surprising a 2015 study of toddlers in Boston showed that among 1 year olds 2.5% were drinking coffee and this increased to 15% when they reached the age of 2.

Which foods contain caffeine ?

  • Soda      ( 350 ml)       40 mg
  • Coffee   (240 ml )       100 mg
  • Tea        (240 ml )        48 mg

Is caffeine really bad ?

The major point is that caffeine is a stimulant and an addictive substance. It stimulates the central nervous system , and in children raises the blood pressure and interferes with sleep.

Caffeine consumption also may have other adverse effects like jitteriness, nervousness, upset stomach and problems in concentration.

As parents , we need to be aware of all the obvious as well as the new and hidden sources of caffeine like candy bars, energy drinks, caffeinated water and set parameters to prevent harmful effects. A few sips here and there seem harmless but often lead to bigger sips and then cups. Children under the age of 12 should not be offered any of these drinks and older kids should also be allowed small amounts.

Lets keep our tea and coffee cups to ourselves 🙂

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