With the long summer vacations looming ahead , watching movies with the kids can be a great way to connect and communicate with them. Movies can be a great way of getting the message across, depicting the values we want to teach but in a fun and more effective way.

Of course we need to choose the movies strategically and with care , and at the end of movie one can discuss the favorable traits of the characters and what they mean in real life.

Below is a list of movies I am planning to watch with my kids this summer [ some which we have ] :

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Charlie is a very honest and good boy but poor. He wins one of the five tickets for a tour to the most amazing chocolate factory in the world . The other kids are rude, obnoxious and spoilt. Each of the four spoilt children faces unfortunate consequences while Charlie is given the ultimate prize the keys to the factory.

My children thoroughly enjoyed the movie and understood the message beautifully.


This might seem like an odd choice but I think its a great movie which highlights the beautiful relationship between sisters and shows that its not always important for a prince to come and save the day.

I am Sam

Sam is a father of a young girl, and has a developmental disability. As the girl grows up, beyond his emotional capacity he starts questioning his own parenting ability. It is an emotional tear jerker.

Taare Zameen Par

a must watch for all parents . It is the story of a young boy with dyslexia. No one is able to understand his frustration, his helplessness ans loneliness. Finally comes a savior , his new teacher who helps him manage his shortcomings in a creative and productive manner.

English Vinglish

I love this movie and want my children to see and understand it. The movie is a realistic portrayal of how the women are not valued and respected in our families.

Do Dooni Chaar

Another movie I really like for its realistic modern take on family values. Its a great watch especially how Rishi Kpoor deals with his son when he gets to know he has been betting.

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