Not Just a Mom

Being a mother of two young energetic kids ( ages 5 and 3 ) has made me very very happy and very very tired. Its been a roller coaster journey filled with countless wonderful memories and endless tears.

The last five years have passed in a whir of sleepless nights, endless feedings, doctor visits, seeing them begin to crawl, walk, talk and grow from babies to kids.

During these years everyone I have met has always asked me so you aren’t working ? Why don’t you find a job ? Are you just taking care of the kids ? I am not sure what this means exactly, is being a mother not worthy enough , is getting a pay cheque the only validation that you are a smart , thinking human being .

It’s important for all mothers to pursue their interests, passions or just take an occasional day off without feeling any guilt . I truly believe that a Happy Mom is a Good Mom. I need to feel happy, positive and peaceful from inside to give my children my best . So be happy, radiate a positive aura and bring on that big smile.

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